Tiki Girls

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The “Tiki Girl” DIY Kit comes with our custom color shades made in house for the perfect “INSTA-WORTHY” moment. Our DIY kit comes with everything you need to make your balloon garland look like a pro did it! No experience necessary!

Category: DIY Garlands


10ft. Deluxe Kit Includes:

  • 80 balloons ranging from 5″-36″ to make a 10ft balloon garland
  • Fishing line to string balloons
  • Balloons manufactured in the USA, 100% biodegradable
  • Instruction card to help make your garland POP 

Additional materials needed to complete balloon garland kit:

  1. Balloon Pump (To save your lungs and help blow them up faster!)
  2. Command Hooks for easy hanging (outdoor light clips!)

Garland will take approximately 1 hour to build and can remain inflated and insta-worthy for  weeks!


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